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What is Media and Soda Blasting?

Blast cleaning is a non-invasive cleaning method that is used to remove paint, rust, grease, dirt, smoke and other coatings. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces, particularly those that would be easily damaged through a more abrasive process.

Our latest technology blast pots can go as low as 20psi to limit damage to the most fragile of surfaces.

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Are you processes environmentally friendly?

The media we use is completely inert and can be disposed of without any special treatment in normal household waste. During the process the materials release no hazardous emissions into the air. Our dustless blast system can limit the amount of airborne particles.

What sort of items can be cleaned?

Car body panels, engine blocks, gearbox casings, and a wide range of internal and external automotive parts. We can also carry out work on other vehicles types from motorcycle components to fibre glass and wooden boats. We can use a mix of soda and glass materials in order to achieve the desired finish.

Our media blast systems can be used to clean both internal and external brick and stone as well as statues, oak beams, and Grade II listed buildings.
Engineering components of any size that need a general clean, paint removal, or degreasing.

Cleaning coatings and rust from cast iron garden furniture and gates, and stripping back varnish build up from wooden furniture. The blast cleaning is gentle enough to use over metal fixings and glass.


If you would like something cleaning that we have not mentioned then please give us a call and we would love to see if we can help you with your project.

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